Friday, March 22, 2013

Nutritional Plan: Sambazon 3 Day Purifying Cleanse

Healthy on the go nutrition is a must for busy bees!

I think most of us have a pretty good idea of what we need to do to reach optimal health. And for a lot of us this means losing fat through good nutrition and exercise.

My husband (Gerald) and I have never done a dietary cleanse in our lives. We tried one that is touted by Dr.Oz and the cleansing juices were sold at Costco.

Many cleanses out there call for a strictly "liquid diet." F that, I say! I find it hard to believe that a mostly-liquid-diet-anything will give me the nutrition I need to run strong. So, in my mind, I never considered these options.

Then Gerald sent me an email about this Sambazon 3 day cleanse. It called for a combination of their cleansing juices + clean-burning, wholesome, vegetarian meals. I was surprised that he was willing to give up meat for 3 days so I agreed to try it. A 3 day supply of the cleansing juices for an individual was $15.

Since my husband is a stickler to details, he wanted to follow the suggested meals as exactly outlined in the pamphlet (that accompanied the juices). As I prepared most of our meals I felt like I took a crash course in wholesome and tasty vegetarian eating. No caffeine, alcohol, soda, sugar etc. We could only have water and herbal tea to drink. All the measuring, sauteeing, pureeing, baking, chopping, packing, then cleaning, drying, putting away tools/supplies, etc. Phew! This cleanse was A LOT OF WORK!

That being said, we genuinely enjoyed everything we made :) Gerald did not feel as if he was getting in enough calories to fuel high intensity workouts. I, on the other hand, felt energized enough to complete a couple short/high intensity runs. Maybe the portions for men should be tweaked a bit, I don't know, but this was our experience.

Okay, getting to the best part here. Personally speaking, I felt super "cleansed." I felt light, de-flated, and energized! On day two, which is supposed to be the most difficult of the days, I went for a short/high intensity run. I think 2-3 hilly miles. 

I felt an energized lightness I had never felt before (not caffeine and pre-workout-induced at that.) DAYMMM! I LIKE THIS!..A LOTTTTTT! I think it was in that moment that it finally clicked that eating good/clean burning sources of food will not only fuel me, but improve my running. HELLO? I was SOLD!

P.S. I felt energized until about half an hour until I needed to have my next meal. The plan called for 6 meals spaced out between 3 hour intervals but I could not last. I ate my meals closer to 2.5 hours apart. Mr. Stickler, stuck to the suggested 3 hour interval between meals...Maybe that's why he felt "weak" LOL.

In conclusion, we successfully completed the cleanse, had our cheat day, and adopted a longer-term-clean-eating-plan (with meat!) that I discuss here :)

TGIF & Happy Eating!

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